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About TallahasseeVoices

TallahasseeVoices, a pro bono online panel of citizens, has undergone many changes over the years and come a long way from its inception in 2001. Originally conceived as “Voices,” it was not until 2002 that the first survey was actually sent out to its panel members. Kerr & Downs Research created TallahasseeVoices to provide community leaders with public opinion. The goal is to inform local leaders so that commission decisions are based more on community needs.

TallahasseeVoices sends its panel members monthly or bi-monthly online surveys. The surveys compile panel members opinions regarding a vast range of topics concerning local and national issues. The results are then sent out to the panel members, community leaders, and various media contacts. Some of the issues that have been surveyed include: government regulations, elections, gas prices, etc.

The Panel
Made up of Leon County residents, the original panel consisted of about 1,000 members. Currently, the panel consists of about 8,000 members. The panel includes residents from many ethnic and racial groups within Leon County. Through continued media exposure and continued participation by our current panel, we hope to increase that number to as many as 20,000 and make the panel more representative of the entire Leon County community.

The Staff

Zach Rutherford Zach Rutherford: Zach is currently a senior marketing major at Florida State University. His interest in market research and attention to detail made him an ideal candidate for a TallahasseeVoices internship. Zach programs all TallahasseeVoices surveys and analyzes data after it is collected.

Phillip Downs, Ph.D. Phillip Downs, Ph.D.: Dr. Downs is the founder of and principle investigator for TallahasseeVoices. Dr. Downs is a nationally recognized expert in marketing academic and business circles. He received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a specialization in market research. Dr. Downs is a retired Professor of Marketing at The Florida State University and Senior Partner at Kerr & Downs Research.

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