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State of the Community

About the State of the Community Project
The State of the Community Project was co-sponsored by Kerr & Downs Research, The 21st Century Council, and The Slevin Group. Roundtable discussions and other events were held to help bring awareness to the everyday problems that Leon County residents face.

May 24th Roundtable Event
A roundtable discussion about transportation problems was held on May 24th at Chez Pierre. The roundtable enabled citizens to discuss their frustrations with transportation and to suggest solutions. The two areas citizens suggested for government action were: stronger enforcement of traffic laws and more public transit. WCTV and The Tallahassee Democrat covered the roundtable. Look at the News Coverage page under "State of the Community Articles" to read news articles about this event.

To see the full results of the Transportation survey, click on the link below.
Transportation Concerns

To find out more information about the research that The 21st Century Council has conducted regarding transportation problems in Tallahassee, check out the link on The 21st Century Council website titled "2006 Quality of Life Community Indicators."

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