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Thank you for stopping by TallahasseeVoices! We periodically ask our email panel to complete surveys on local issues. Please join the panel to have your voice heard.

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TallahasseeVoices is pleased to announce that the following 2013 survey results are now available:


  1. New Year's Resolutions
  2. Household Economics
  3. Tennessee Corridor
  4. Government Shutdown & Debt Limit
  5. Football Predictions
  6. Blueprint2000
  7. Tax Increase
  8. Allocation of Tax Dollars


  1. View of Mayor Marks
  2. Leadership vs. Weak Mayor
  3. FSU Tuition
  4. Hurricane Preparedness
  5. Trust Organizations
  6. Candidate Awareness in Local Election
  7. Property Taxes
  8. Football Predictions


  1. City Budget
  2. Mayor Marks
  3. Governor Scott and State Employees
  4. Power Supply
  5. Football Predictions
  6. FSU FAMU presidents
  7. Jackson & City
  8. City & County Government
  9. FAMU Dental School
  10. Football Postseason
  11. Hurricane Preparedness
  12. Red Light Cameras
  13. Tallahassee Airport
  14. State Budget

Please check back for updates and new surveys.

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